List Update

I haven’t blogged for a while, mainly because I haven’t completed any more points on the list, so thought I would give you an update. With 13 months and 28 tasks left this is starting to worry me – a lot. However, it’s not from the want of trying, I booked to go climbing up a mountain with some friends from work, two nights before I stood on a plug and cut my foot open. Then I arranged to give blood, but damaged my back and ended up on so many painkillers that my blood would have been enough to the knock the patient out! Honestly you couldn’t make these excuses up, its as if something is working against me and my list.

I wont be put of lightly though so I have arranged to volunteer with Wrexham Carers service on 15th November, bag packing in Asda, Wrexham. From then I will be looking at other volunteering opportunities where my time can be given to help those less fortunate or help to raise money for those less fortunate (any ideas welcome). As the for the rest of the list I haven’t got anything else planned yet, although I am getting closer to having 15 E learning courses as I have gone from 2 to 4, so that’s a start, I guess.

Off to panic  – I mean plan – a bit more




5 thoughts on “List Update

  1. The pint is you have a list and the other point is you remember its important. Life gets in the way of plans and I have my fingers crossed you can do it. Keep blogging on, we will be here and the list will get done when its time.


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