Being Positive :)

Last Week I was discussing my blog with a friend who pointed out the irony of number 21 – Be more positive. They explained that in their opinion the whole idea of my list was depressing and yet here I was trying to be more positive. I explained the list was a challenge, something to look forward to and encourage me to experience new things over the coming 12 months. However they were not in agreement (at all) they insisted that the list was only going to make me miserable about the things I haven’t achieved or experienced and that having a “bucket list” regardless of how I dress it up was morbid and negative. It got me thinking and although I don’t agree I guess it would be positive to look back on all the things I have experienced in my 28 years and be thankful, positive and happy to have achieved and experienced so much. So here   are the highlights

fallen in love

Got Married

Had two beautiful children

started my own business –

Swam with dolphins

fed elephants and giraffes

rode a camel

completed an indoor sky dive

go ape x2

visited new York at Christmas/skated at central park/top of the empire state building

watched a show on Broadway

concerts – Riana, pink, west life, take that and lady gaga

sat in the audience of a TV show

Visited gran Canaria/Turkey/Tunisia/Fuerteventura/Paris/Dominican Republic/

Swam the Great north swim in Windermere

I am sure there are loads of other things I have done to but I will add to the list when things pop back into my mind. Having written this list I do actually feel more positive – maybe my friend had a point after all.




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