#3 Eat in a celebrity restaurant -Marco Pierre White

#3 Eat in a celebrity chef restaurant

When I added this to the list I didn’t have a particular chef or restaurant in mind, any would do, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Surely these restaurants can’t be that much better than ordinary restaurants, I mean there basically just named after a chef who has managed to get his/her mug on the TV – they don’t even do the cooking! But like I said previously I like celebrities and I like food so it made the list.

For my 29th birthday my husband surprised me by taking me to a celebrity chef restaurant, the Marco Pierre White at the Double Tree in Chester. When he told me I was so excited, but totally freaked out as I had nothing suitable to wear and no time to buy a new dress – such a girl! I eventually settled on a little black dress and classic black heals.

We arrived at the hotel and followed the signs round to the restaurant, I must admit I was a little nervous as wasn’t sure I was “posh enough” for this restaurant but we were greeted by staff who either didn’t question our “posh” rating, or were too polite to say, showing us straight to the table. The first thing we noticed about the restaurant was the décor, very elegant in blacks and greys with half the wall covered in a mirror making it seem a lot larger than it was. There was also a huge, rather disturbing, image of Marco Pierre White looking slightly demonic with a knife in hand on the wall – no forgetting whose restaurant you’re in that’s for sure. We were seated on the first table entering the restaurant and I must admit I felt a bit on the edge, unable to soak up the atmosphere of the place and also very cold from the open doorway leading into the hotel.

Our waitress was very polite and supplied us with two menus, the main one and a Christmas one, everything sounded amazing I couldn’t make a decision I wanted to try everything. We finally chose (after sending the waitress away three times!) a crab cake and a smoked salmon starter, followed by sea bass and risotto for me and steak for my husband, a cheese cake and cheese board to finish, along with a bottle of Rose.

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We enjoyed our wine, and child free conversation, whilst waiting for our food. The starters were amazing, the best smoked salmon dish I think I have ever tasted, absolutely lovely. Then came the mains, I don’t eat beef but my husband assures me that this was the nicest steak ever “melt in the mouth” and I must admit there was a lot of it, none of this three peas for £300 rubbish, they were both decent portions by anyone’s standards. I was expecting a small amount of sea bass but I had two big pieces as well as several prawns throughout the risotto it was utterly exquisite, I’m no foodie but I can tell you that the sea bass was cooked to perfection. Crispy on side and soft and full of flavour on the other. I also pinched an onion ring off my husband’s plate (I did warn you I wasn’t posh) and it was so light and melt in your mouth, no grease at all – amazing. By this point I think it’s safe to say we were both in food heaven and absolutely did not need desert, but when in Rome and all that. Anyway it was probably a good thing we were full by this point as in all honesty the cheese cake was a bit of a disappointment. I love cheese cake and order it wherever I can so maybe my expectations were just too high, but this was more like a chocolate mousse with a strong creamy milk taste to it, not to my liking I’m afraid, but it definitely did not ruin our night.

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When I added this to the list I wanted to know if celebrity chefs could actually cook, well as far as Marco Pierre White is concerned, HELL YEAH he can cook (he just needs crank the heating up a bit). I would highly recommend a meal at this restaurant, the food is out of this world – just wear an extra cardigan and avoid the cheese cake.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to hubby for helping me (and paying for me) to complete #3. I had the best night ever made even better by having you handsome devil for company.

Love you more than you love me




Birthday update

So yesterday was my 29th birthday, the last year of my 20’s and I still haven’t worked out how I got so old so fast. Anyway, it also means that yesterday marked the one year countdown to complete my 30 things before 30 mission. I have exactly 12 months left to complete 23 things eeek.

A couple of these activities are getting closer to being completed, so at least that’s a bonus. A couple of weeks ago I left my part time job at Wrexham Carers Service and my team mates got me a voucher for white water rafting as a leaving present. I was so overwhelmed at their generosity and thoughtfulness that for once I was momentarily speechless. One of the worries of being able to complete my list in time is how much everything will cost, so having this one as a gift is a huge help. I am saving the voucher till it warms up a little and then I will going to white water active in Llangollen, I am super excited. Once it is complete I will share a review and pictures for you all to see (if I survive). I must admit I have had a little peek at the course and it looks beautiful, whether I can keep my eyes open for the duration to enjoy it though is another matter.

Like I said yesterday was my 29th birthday and my husband had told me he had a surprise planned for me, to wear comfy clothes and flat shoes and be ready for half 11. At 11:15 I walked in to our bedroom to find him sat on our bed staring at his phone looking utterly devastated, I was really worried. I asked if he was ok and he just handed me the phone, I was too scared to read it as I thought someone had been hurt but to my relief it wasn’t anything that serious. Instead it was a text message from three sisters race course telling us not to set off as due to adverse weather conditions the driving experience needed to be cancelled. Driving experience – that was my surprise –wow! I was genuinely surprised and so excited, until I remembered it had also said cancelled. My husband was gutted his surprise had been ruined. We were also a bit confused as the weather in Chester was fine, surely it couldn’t be that much worse in Wigan. He rang and they explained it was due to ice on the track from the previous night, better to be safe than sorry, but still disappointing. However it does mean that I also have that booked, paid for and ready to enjoy in the New Year. The husband did good, in fact, the husband did amazing as he also had another surprise for me, a meal at a celebrity restaurant, the Marco Pierre White in Chester. Thankfully this wasn’t cancelled and you can read all about our experience in the next blog……..