Birthday update

So yesterday was my 29th birthday, the last year of my 20’s and I still haven’t worked out how I got so old so fast. Anyway, it also means that yesterday marked the one year countdown to complete my 30 things before 30 mission. I have exactly 12 months left to complete 23 things eeek.

A couple of these activities are getting closer to being completed, so at least that’s a bonus. A couple of weeks ago I left my part time job at Wrexham Carers Service and my team mates got me a voucher for white water rafting as a leaving present. I was so overwhelmed at their generosity and thoughtfulness that for once I was momentarily speechless. One of the worries of being able to complete my list in time is how much everything will cost, so having this one as a gift is a huge help. I am saving the voucher till it warms up a little and then I will going to white water active in Llangollen, I am super excited. Once it is complete I will share a review and pictures for you all to see (if I survive). I must admit I have had a little peek at the course and it looks beautiful, whether I can keep my eyes open for the duration to enjoy it though is another matter.

Like I said yesterday was my 29th birthday and my husband had told me he had a surprise planned for me, to wear comfy clothes and flat shoes and be ready for half 11. At 11:15 I walked in to our bedroom to find him sat on our bed staring at his phone looking utterly devastated, I was really worried. I asked if he was ok and he just handed me the phone, I was too scared to read it as I thought someone had been hurt but to my relief it wasn’t anything that serious. Instead it was a text message from three sisters race course telling us not to set off as due to adverse weather conditions the driving experience needed to be cancelled. Driving experience – that was my surprise –wow! I was genuinely surprised and so excited, until I remembered it had also said cancelled. My husband was gutted his surprise had been ruined. We were also a bit confused as the weather in Chester was fine, surely it couldn’t be that much worse in Wigan. He rang and they explained it was due to ice on the track from the previous night, better to be safe than sorry, but still disappointing. However it does mean that I also have that booked, paid for and ready to enjoy in the New Year. The husband did good, in fact, the husband did amazing as he also had another surprise for me, a meal at a celebrity restaurant, the Marco Pierre White in Chester. Thankfully this wasn’t cancelled and you can read all about our experience in the next blog……..


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