#25 Visit 3 new cities – 1 Glasgow

I haven’t touched my list in months, not great when I only have 8 months left to complete it! However I did manage to visit one of the three new cities back in February, it’s just taken me a month to blog it up.

My husband has family in Scotland and despite being together 13 years we have only been a handful of times. Even when we have visited we seem to stay close to where we are staying, Motherwell. This time, however, I knew I wanted to travel a little further a field and make the effort to visit a new city, tick one of the list, so we picked Glasgow.

Me, my husband and our two boys took the thirty minute drive, (yes it’s only thirty minutes but we had never bothered before, shameful) to Glasgow for the day. Knowing we wanted to keep the boys entertained and also knowing a day of shopping was just not going to cut it, we headed straight to the riverside museum, wow. Not only was this museum amazing but it was free, even better. 11092706_10153360142462697_906503976_n

I am a bit of a geek and I do love a good museum, but I love them even more when they cater for the children. I find that adults and children will take in so much more when they can discover through hands on activities and real exploring. This museum was great for the kids, it had areas where they (and the adults!) could dress up, board a train, fight fires and play a musical instrument. It was brilliant, we had so much fun, and did I mention it was FREE.11086978_10153360142437697_1401970100_n


When we left here we walked the 30 paces round the building to another museum, this time a boat! Yep they have turned a boat into a museum, brilliant idea. We climbed a board and my children literally scrubbed the decks, if only I could get them to work like that at home! Then we explored the various rooms and counted several (plastic) rats! I was climbing the ladder to the top deck with my 5 year old when someone underneath who I hadn’t spotted set off the fog horn. I fell off the ladder grabbing for my son in fear, of what I don’t know, for a split second I think I thought we were under attack, that or my son had set off an alarm. Either way my very unladylike scream and fall was enough to have my son in hysterics, apparently it was the highlight of the day. The elderly couple who set off the fog horn apologised in all the right places but I can’t help but think it would have been more meaningful had they not been trying so hard to stifle the giggles.11084380_10153360142432697_801853695_n

Once my heart rate returned to normal we headed back to the car and drove into the city centre, I needed to make sure it could count as a new city. If I am honest Glasgow is like any other city, I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t really this. We had a wonder around some shops and I treated myself to some new trainers. This did cause for embarrassing situation number 2. Now don’t forget my husband’s family are Scottish, I’m used to the Scottish accent and sometimes the odd lingo. In fact I pride myself on being able to hold a full conversation with them these days, even if it has taken 13 years! Anyway the Scottish they speak in Motherwell is different to the Scottish in Glasgow, I swear it must be because when the cashier asked me a simple question she may as well have spoken Japanese. Politely I asked her to repeat herself, again not a clue, and I could feel my face burning as I once again asked her to repeat the question. Luckily for me the cashier thought it was hilarious as my husband jumped in to translate. As I stood there looking dumb all I could think of was the scene from little Britain’s fat fighters, I felt awful. The poor girl only wanted to know if I wanted my receipt in the bag, I bet she wished she just chucked it in by the time I’d finished.

As we hurried out of the sports shop, face down to hide my red cheeks, we headed back to the car with two grumpy boys, then we found heaven. Hamleys toy shop, wow, just wow. I am not sure who enjoyed this more, the kids or I. needless to say I was very jealous when the boys got treated to new toys but I had to leave the giant giraffe behind. I really don’t know why my husband objected to spending £1000’s on a stuffed animal as cute as that!

When the boys eventually peeled me away from the toys we headed back to base, a fantastic day and another adventure crossed off my list. If nothing else this list is helping me make memories with my loved ones.

Thankyou to my darling husband for taking me to Glasgow and being my translator. Thankyou to my beautiful boys for not complaining too much at being dragged around a city. Thankyou to our Scottish family for making us feel so welcome.




2 thoughts on “#25 Visit 3 new cities – 1 Glasgow

  1. That first museum sounds amazing and how fab that it is free! Sorry to hear about your 2 embarrassing moments although im sure you will come to laugh about them later lol! I think my little boy would love Hamleys too although I don’t think i’d love having to get him out lol! xx

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