#30 Makeover

I thought this would be one of the easiest to tick off my list but in actual fact it is proving one of the hardest. Since I was 16 I have always had blonde hair (apart from a brief time post baby that we definitely won’t mention!). My hair is pretty versatile in that it can be curly or straight without to much bother, but always blonde, always shoulder length, always BORING.

When I wrote my list I figured a new look for turning 30 was in need, however that requires balls, balls I just don’t seem to have. I looked at stylish pictures of purple and grey colours and fell in love, I found pictures of bobs and pixies that made me get hair envy but when I walked into the hair dressers I came out two sadees darker with a fringe! Not the dramatic make over I was going for. In fact I have since seen a number of friends who haven’t even noticed my hair has changed, that or they are too polite tell me it’s awful.

Anyway I guess this is a step in the right direction and let’s just say that #30 makeover is a work in progress.





10 thoughts on “#30 Makeover

  1. I think your hair is fine. I remember turning 30 and you do feel like something momentous has happened (turned 50 last year!). I think if you are happy with the way your hair is keep it that way! Anna Wintour has had the same hairstyle for ever. Didn’t stop her editing Vogue, did it? Also Goldie Hawn, Helen Mirren, you get the picture….x


    1. You defiantly should do a 40 before 40. I am loving doing my list and it has made me grab life and take every opportunity that comes my way. I don’t put life on hold as much now x


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