#8 Write a blog

After writing my 30 before 30 list I knew that the only way I would actively try and complete it was if people knew about it, so I wrote this blog. Of course that automatically crossed #8 of the list but I felt that was a bit of a cheat, especially as this blog is only read by my friends and family and maybe a handful of other people who happen to stumble across it, probably by accident. Therefore I decided that in order to cross off #8 I had to start a second blog and as I have been writing beauty reviews for an online magazine for the past 6 months I figured a beauty/lifestyle blog would be the next logical step. Plus the fact PR companies send me tons of FREE lotions and potions, I’d be mad not to.

So The Strawberry Fountain was born https://thestrawberryfountain.wordpress.com/

Here I showcase all the beauty reviews I wrote for Women Make Waves, the ones I am currently writing for Birds on the Blog and a whole host of new reviews, stories, competitions and general ramblings about all things girly. Living in a house with three males I have found The Strawberry Fountain to be the perfect buoyancy aid to prevent me from drowning in testosterone (god help me when they are teenagers).

Anyway I think its fair to say that I have ticked another mission off my list-yippee.

Huge thanks to everyone that has liked or followed The Strawberry Fountain on wordpress and facebook (if you haven’t then do…now! please)




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