I love Leeds – three new cities

Last month my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and as always he blew me away with how thoughtful his gift was. Not only did he whisk me away for the weekend but he made sure it was to a city I had never visited before so that I could tick another item off my 30before30 mission.

He chose Leeds.

We stayed in the Hilton hotel in the centre of Leeds, walking distance to all the shops and bars. The first thing we did was hit the shops and wow Leeds has shops, lots of shops. There were many high street chains that I recognised as well as some designer stores that I would normally have to shop online for and some lovely little boutique stores specific to Leeds, it was shopping heaven. After lots of shopping we found a lovely little underground bar called the new Conservatory and had some lunch and a cheeky afternoon drink before more shopping and then heading back to the hotel.

The hotel itself was lovely with a nice pool and sauna to relax in. Or at least it would have been if it wasn’t occupied by the LOUDEST female in the whole of world. She made it uncomfortable for everyone else just by talking and snorting. After 5 minutes of hearing every sordid detail of their conversation we snook off and hid in the sauna, well until my husband physically couldn’t take any more in fear of passing out and we had no choice but to re enter the pool. Luckily she left shortly after round two and we were able to have a more relaxing swim.

My husband had booked us a table at a teppanyaki restaurant, some thing I had never tried before and didn’t know what to expect. It was brilliant, a whole new way of eating out. I loved how we could chat with the chef and watch him cook the food in front of us, showing off as he set fires, tossed food and invented games of golf for us to play on the hot plate. We had so much fun laughing and joking and drinking copious amounts of wine that we couldn’t believe how long we had stayed in there.


The next day we were surprising clear headed so started the day with a full cooked breakfast at the Hilton and then went to the Armouries museum. I never used to be interested in this kind of stuff but since working with public service students in my new job I have turned into a bit of a geek and loved looking at all the old armour and reading about crime and its effects over the years. From here we headed back into Leeds for yet more shopping and stumbled across a food market selling the most delicious filled donuts. How we actually managed to eat anything else is beyond me but I couldn’t possibly leave them there, they were begging me to eat them, honest. After another wonder around we had to leave and I was honestly disappointed, Leeds is one of the best cities I have ever visited and I really want to go back again soon.


Special thanks to my amazing hubby for arranging for me to tick off yet another mission, this list would never get completed if it wasn’t for you. Also thanks to my mum for having my boys for the weekend, Leeds with kids would not have been the same.




4 thoughts on “I love Leeds – three new cities

  1. I’m originally from Herefordshire and I came up to Leeds to study Psychology and I have completely fallen in love with this city! I love going and finding a new restaurant to eat at. There’s always something new or different around.


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