#16 A triathlon

OK, so I guess I knew that there would come a point in my list when I would fail and the triathlon seems to be the first to go. I have got to be honest I am probably not fit enough to compete in a triathlon however that’s not what is stopping me, it’s my irrational fear of cycling on a road or in a group. I am terrified I will get knocked off. I am still aiming to complete a triathlon at some point but the reality is it wont be before December 2015 so I have made the decision to set myself a new fitness challenge. The new challenge is equally as difficult to someone as unfit as me and I only have 7 weeks to get myself in shape!

The new challenge is the Delamere 10k Commando run, where I will have to run 10k whilst completing an obstacle course and carrying sand bags. To me right now this sounds impossible, in fact I cant believe I have actually signed up. Luckily for me (unluckily for them) I have signed up as part of a team with the hope that we will motivate and inspire each other to complete the crazy course.  I have the feeling it may be easier for them to do some weight training and just carry me around the course, at least that way we might stand a chance of finishing it before midnight!


To give you an idea of just how unfit I am last night I went for the first run in years and managed 3.4k in 23 minutes and I swear I thought I had popped a lung! The next 7 weeks are going to be hell on earth but I am determined, motivated (for now) and focused on crossing this (if not a triathlon) off my list.

If anyone has training advice I would very much appreciate it.





9 thoughts on “#16 A triathlon

  1. WOW! Good luck, I’ve wanted to do a mud run or something along them line for a while now but I have so much weight to lose and to get healthier and fitter before that day can ever come. I take my hat off to you and want to send you loads of luck and I can’t wait to read how it goes for you!


  2. good luck with all your training! you’ll be able to reach that goal soon 🙂 i had a goal of participating in tough mudder but my training hasn’t even started. probs wait till next year haha


  3. Hi, I think that it’s brave of you to admit that you are not ready yet. Being part of a running group will definitely help and I hope that you reach your goal 🙂 #UkBloggers


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