#16 A Triathlon (or rather a 10k commando challange)

As I already admitted here I bailed on the triathlon idea and agreed instead to complete the Delemere 10k commando challenge, here’s how I got on……

For those that are not familiar with this event I can only describe it as pure madness, basically it’s an obstacle course for adults, in a forest covering 10k.

The course started off with a 1k uphill run, it nearly killed me and I was having serious doubts about why I had agreed to it. Thankfully (or not) it went downhill from there! The course included muddy pools of freezing cold water up to our middle, climbing over hay bales and walls and running whilst carrying sand bags.

There were various stewards around the course dishing out encouragement and helping with the obstacles along the way. I can honestly say I have never before been so grateful for a strangers hand on my ass in all my life, but boy did I appreciate those men man handling me over the walls!

I thought I would find the mud and cold water the hardest to endure but to be honest I was so hot and sweaty that I was grateful for the coolness of the stinking, dirty and somewhat questionable water. In actual fact running with the sand bag was the hardest bit for me, the hill seemed to go on and on and on and I swear someone was adding sand to my bag with every step that I took. I thought that lugging my two year old around all the time would have stood me in good stead for this part but nope, my arms were useless and if it wasn’t for some random guy who took pity on us showing us how to throw them around our neck to better distribute the weight, I think I would have launched mine on the floor and thrown the ultimate toddler tantrum.

The challenge ended with a water slide down a hill. We noticed this before we started and I was mortified, so many people were congregating around the slide watching and laughing at everyone, I really didn’t want to make a fool of myself and it played on mind the whole way round the course. However when we reached the slide my husband and boys were waiting for me and knowing the end was in sight I was more than happy to fling my exhausted body down that hill with complete disregard to how I looked. It was the messiest and funniest thing I have done for a long time and certainly entertained my children.

I thought this challenge would kill me. I wasn’t sure if it would be sheer exhaustion, drowning, an angry team mate or the ridiculously large number of corgies randomly running around the course but I genuinely thought I wouldn’t make it out alive but I did. I finished the course, I survived, I pushed myself to new limits, grabbed another experience that life has to offer and ticked one off my list. I am enjoying my new adventurous life right now, got a challenge? Throw it at me!

I want to say a huge thankyou to

My team, we started as a team and we finished as a team and I genuinely couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you.


Michelle for introducing me to this event, organising our team and helping with the training.

My mum who was daft enough to sign up too, well done you smashed it! thankyou for completing another item on my list with me.


My husband and my boys who have encouraged me with my training and came along on the day, waited in the cold and rain and celebrated at the finishing line with me.





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