#13 – A girly Holiday

When I wrote this list I was quite embarrassed to admit that I had never been on a girly holiday, surely it’s a right of passage, something everyone should experience at least once.

Now this is where having amazing friends comes in handy. One of my best friends took it upon herself to take the lead on this one, which I am so grateful for as otherwise it probably would never have happened. Not only did she take the lead and get things organised she also convinced her mum to let us use her apartment in Spain for three nights for FREE! Now this simple act of kindness might not sound much to some but when I tell you that her mum sold the apartment after we booked and then agreed to freeze the sale and postpone all their plans till the day after we left just to ensure we still had accommodation, you can see how amazing her and her family are and for that I am hugely grateful.

Unfortunately the weekend away did not start well with one of the group being rushed to hospital just days before we were due to fly out and unfortunately wasn’t well enough to join us, leaving just three of us. Things did not get much better after that, on the day we flew out a lorry jack knifed on the m56 causing delays and obstructions resulting in one of the party being stranded on the opposite side of the village to us and no easy way to make it to the airport. After a lot of phone calls, favours from family and detours we finally made it to the airport with minutes to spare. I know what you’re thinking, “stop the dramatics you made it” and we did but the dramatics don’t stop there I’m afraid. Whilst practically running from check in to boarding we had to do the mandatory security check and I don’t know if it was the red panicking face that made me look suspicious or if the security guard thought she could have some fun with someone clearly running late but she informed me that she would need to take me away for a private search! This is horrendous, especially when you are a big old prude and have visions of them stripping you off and searching every crevice of your being for drugs – at this point I was seriously thinking a weekend in Spain was not worth the humiliation of flashing my bits in an airport but thankfully they didn’t check any orifices’ just my bra! To her utter disappointment she found nothing but my whiter than white boobs and had no choice but to release me and we just made the plane.

The plane journey was nice and relatively smooth, as smooth as a Ryanair flight can be anyway and boy was I looking forward to the weekend.

When we arrived we hired a car and I immediately bowed out of driving duties, trust me that would have made for a totally different type of write up, leaving the other two to battle it out – quiet literally sometimes, whilst I took the back seat, closed my eyes and held on tight for the entire holiday. As a person who naturally avoids driving it always amazes me when people prefer to take the wheel, crazy.

The apartment was gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer base. Once we were settled we started planning for the weekend and as I had never done this before I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was everything I could want and more. We somehow managed to fit in every type of girly break into one weekend from sunbathing on the beach, drinking cocktails in a posh sea front bar, dancing in Magaluf, swimming in the sea and stuffing our faces with food and having a good gossip.

Unfortunately I am sworn to secrecy about far too many hilarious stories because what happens in Spain stays in Spain, that and the fact if I spill their stories they may never speak to me again let alone agree to another girly holiday next year. However what I will say is that as the strap line for the holiday fast became “you can’t make this shit up” it was one of the strangest, funniest most amazing weekends ever and I belly laughed so much it hurt. I will also add that the car nearly got cut in half by an electrical gate, now that would have made for some interesting insurance paper work!

The weekend passed by far too quickly and I loved every minute of it and before we knew what was happening we were saying our good byes and heading home.

O wait you didn’t think the drama stopped there did you? I wish!

At the airport just before we went through the “no return” doors to the airport lounge I realised I had lost my boarding pass. Now this would have been bad enough except I knew it wasn’t my boarding pass I had lost as we had just randomly picked one up each and I knew full well I had my friends. I could tell from her reaction that she didn’t know it was hers I had lost, she was concerned but not stressed, so off I ran in the generally direction of where we had been sitting with my heart beating a thousand beats a minute trying to construct a suitable conversation in my head whereby I could explain that, “no I hadn’t found the boarding pass and obviously I would pay for a new one but actually it’s not mine and sorry hun but you’re screwed you can’t board the flight – see you back in England!” or a conversation where I beg security to let her travel as me and I stay behind as her, both had about the same success rate for me being hit in face at some point! Thankfully I found it in the girls toilettes on the side next to the sink, wet and sloppy and ran back to the girls. As I approached them it became apparent that by this point they were well aware of the fact that it wasn’t mine I had lost. As tempted as I was to pretend it was still missing I valued my life too much and presented my friend with a beautiful soggy boarding pass – but hey she made it home she should be grateful, right?

Luckily the drama ended there but the memories and laughter lines will last a life time.

I want to say a huge thankyou to Lynsey for organising such an amazing trip and being such a fantastic friend

to Lynsey’s mum and dad, Jean and Frank, for holding off on the sale and for staying in a hotel whilst took over your apartment.

To Lucy for sharing the weekend with me, being a brilliant friend and for, well, just being you – never change!