#23 Three new cities – Palma city number 3

Whilst on our girly holiday to spain my friends planned for us to to fit in a trip to the city of Palma to help me tick off the third and final new city from my 30 before 30 mission. I truly have amazing friends. We visited Palma at night for a few hours so I didn’t get to see the whole city but what I did experience I loved.

We started off at a little Japanese all you can eat restaurant where the food comes around on a carousel, similar to the sushi restaurants you see in England. It’s a fantastic idea as you can see the food going past on small tapas style dishes and you just take what you fancy. I had some of the most amazing food here and was so lucky that I got to try new foods that I wouldn’t back home such as caviar and squid, it was absolutely delicious.


From here we went to meet my friends mum and dad in the hotel they were staying in and had a cocktail on the terrace whilst looking out at the sea, it was so picturesque, beautiful and relaxing, I could have stayed forever.


Although I am glad we didn’t as after our cocktails I was taken into Palma city centre where I experienced one of the most unique bars in the world, Abaco.  An absolute must if you are ever in Palma. I can only describe it as a stately home that has been turned into a bar whilst keeping all its original features and décor. You can’t help but get wrapped up in the romance of it and feel like you are a princess from years gone by, such a beautiful, magical place (although the cocktails need a little more flavour and dare I say a little less alcohol).

11401409_10153580148102697_6683135897523814235_n (2)

Although our visit was quick it was still wonderful to be able to visit a new city, drink in the atmosphere in three very different establishments and make memories with my friends that will last a life time, leaving me wanting to visit again and take in the many more attractions that Palma has to offer.

Thankyou to Linz, Lucy, Jean and Frank for helping me tick number 23 off the list, showing me Palma and helping me make memories that will last a life time.




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