I am 28 years old, 29 in December, meaning I’m THIRTY next year. How did this actually happen? I will no longer be a twenty something, I will be a women, a lady, an actual adult. Granted I am already married with two children and have recently started my own training business, but 30, yikes. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and by my calculations I only have 16 months left till I’m actually grown up. I did have a life plan at one stage, it was rather detailed and involved me becoming a clinical psychologist to the rich and famous, but let’s face it completing a doctorate with two small children is never going to happen, not if I actual want to raise my own children, which strangely I do. So the thought of turning 30 is clearly troubling me and made me evaluate the last 28 years and 8 months and to be honest I’m not disappointed, I’ve achieved rather a lot, travelled to a few places and enjoyed varied experiences, but there’s a lot of things I haven’t done, things I keep putting off, things that I feel should be compulsory before you’re 30. So I made a list -30 things to do before I turn 30! I’m hoping it will make the blow of turning 30 a little more bearable and maybe, just maybe, prove to me that age is just a number – right?

I thought I’d share my list with you, partly so you can see how crazy the whole thirty thing has made me, partly so you can compare your anxieties and need to experience the world before it’s too late with mine, but mainly because I figured if its published, actually out there for the world to see, then I will actually have to complete the list, no wimping out, no being lazy, no turning back, actually finish it before 6th December 2015.

So here it is (in no particular order)

  1. Learn to ski. My husband has always wanted to go but I hate the cold. Time to man up!
  2. Climb a mountain. Shouldn’t I have done this by now?
  3. Eat in a celebrity restaurant. I like food, I like celebrities, but can they actually cook? COMPLETED
  4. Cook a meal for friends. I cant cook! I once made broccoli soup and for all the love, encourage and support my husband gives me with everything I do – even he was gagging on the soup in the kitchen with a smile on his face trying his best to tell me it was nice whilst also trying his hardest to not swallow any. This may require friends who truly love me, have a death wish or an iron stomach.
  5. Take dance classes. I have always wanted to dance, I have the grace of an elephant and the co-ordination of a bird with one wing – god help the chosen dance instructor.
  6. Watch a west end show. This is a bit of a cheat as I have seen a Broadway show and it was amazing, so I guess I just want to see if we can compete. (any excuse to watch another amazing show)
  7. Go camping – I’m more of a home comforts, hotel kind of girl but everyone keeps raving about camping so I best give it a try.. COMPLETED
  8. Write a blog I have always wanted to write a blog testing non-medical based products and books that claim to help those with mental health related issues. COMPLETED
  9. Go to a festival –I just simply can’t believe that I have never been, isn’t this like a rite of passage? COMLPETED
  10. Drive a car I could never, ever afford just for the thrill, although I imagine I will drive it like a granny scared of scratching it. COMPLETED
  11. Get published (or have the rejection letters to prove I tried) I have hundreds of ideas for books, mental health support books, novels, children’s books, magazine articles, all sorts, but I never do anything with any of it. Maybe it’s time to start collecting those rejection letters.
  12. Go white water rafting – OK I have no idea how this made it on the list but I swore I wouldn’t change the list when I started it back in July so I guess it’s here to stay. COMPLETED
  13. Have a girly holiday. Again – this should be compulsory, I was always too busy or to pregnant to go, not this time. COMPLETED
  14. Ride on a motorbike when I first met my husband at 16 he had a moped and I used to ride on the back of that a lot (sorry mum) I guess I want to try the real thing now.
  15. Give blood would I accept blood? – hell yeah if it saved my life them hook me up. What I didn’t know was you can’t give blood once you have received it so I figure I best bank a couple of pints just in case I ever need it and that way all is still equal, hopefully I won’t need any and then the blood bank are up a few pints – win win. COMPLETED
  16. Complete a triathlon in June I completed one of my life goals to do the great north swim in Windermere. It was hard work and absolutely freezing but it made me want to do a triathlon, so it made the list. Having said that I haven’t swam once since then, so this may be a lot harder than I thought, plus I’m scared of riding my bike on the road and I can’t run further than half a mile, remind me again why this made the list? COMPLETED
  17. Break a world record – why not? I’ve always fancied sticking pegs to my face and bathing in baked beans!
  18. Do the longest zip wire in the UK? This just looks pretty cool, but also the most likely thing on the list for me to bottle it on. COMPLETED
  19. Have 15 E learning courses available for sale via TB Training (currently have 2) my business is relatively new, especially the E learning side so I guess it’s good to dream big?
  20. Learn a language I have pretty much mastered English and I got a C in GCSE German, but I have always fancied being fluent in another language, I’m thinking Spanish or Makaton (sign language).
  21. Be more positive – work in progress see article “how a facebook challenge changed my life”
  22. Travel first class – I just believe that everyone should experience first class at some point. I’m pretty sure the reason I have never travelled first class before is because it’s not cheap, and what with everything else on this list I’m starting to think I best make a start on number 19 sharpish, otherwise I might need to get a job working in first class in order to tick this one off.
  23. Watch the sun set or rise from somewhere spectacular sometimes we all need to stop and take in the world around us. I am so guilty of taking the beautiful city of Chester and the nearby north wales for granted that it about time I started appreciating it.
  24. Win an award the only award I have ever won was for… wait for it…Most unusual looking sunflower, I mean seriously if that wasn’t a pity award than what is! I must be able to do better than that…I think…I hope…..maybe not.
  25. Visit three new cities. There are so many places both in the UK and abroad that I keep saying that I want to visit but always putting off that I have set myself the task of visiting at least three. Even I’m intrigued as to where I’m going to end up with this one! COMPLETED
  26. See the northern lights. Beautiful, who wouldn’t want to see these. I’m going to have to start saving for this one, although I have been told they can be visible from Newcastle so maybe it’s time to move.
  27. Volunteer I have volunteered in the past, but it was always partly to boost my CV, this time I want to volunteer because I can. Working in the third sector I have seen first-hand how much volunteers are needed and how some charity organisations simply couldn’t exist without them. Who’s to say one day I won’t be in the cue at the soup kitchen with a bag full of rejections letters and a mind full of what ifs. I believe in Karma so it’s about time I helped out now, whilst I can and store up some good karma just incase I ever need it. COMPLETED
  28. Visit a haunted building – just to see if I am brave enough.
  29. Take a dip under a waterfall

30. Get a complete makeover. Apart from a few wrinkles and a couple of extra pounds I look the same and dress the same as I have since I was 16. Time to reinvent myself.

Now I need to ACCEPT THE FACT I AM THIRTY! –Some people don’t get the chance!

So there you have it – my thirty things to do before I turn 30


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